About the Photographer:


Nakia Secrest is an Actress/Photographer that has worked in the entertainment industry for over 15 years.  


In addition to her photography work, she has worked as an actress and with actors for years and knows precisely how to bring out a person's unique characteristics and marketable persona during each headshot session.


At Secrest Photography LA, Nakia goes the extra mile to get each client the "perfect" headshot. She knows what it's like to take hundreds of photos and to only have a handful of potential "ok looking" pics. At Secrest Photography LA you can count on having a great amount of fantastic headshots to choose from!


Nakia knows that any succesful headshot session is the product of a great collaboration between photographer and prepared actor. Just like acting on set, it goes beyond the technical aspect, it has to be an inspiring and fun environment to bring out your best self during your photo shoot.


Secrest Photography LA provides you with professional headshots and an amazing marketing tool to get you many future auditions and bookings!

Describe your image.

Describe your image.